Top Level Translators

We employ an extensive network of translators covering over 100 languages. Northwest Translations has earned a reputation as one of the most competent and reliable translators in the industry. Our translators comply with the ISO 17100 Translation Service Provider Standard. Each translator is a native speaker of the target language and must have extensive experience in the subject/field being translated.

Quality Assurance

Each project team consists of a professional translator and separate editor. Both team members have specific subject area expertise and are native speakers of the target language. Northwest Translations assigns one project manager to work with individual clients to act as a liaison to ensure that our clients receive customized service. This team approach enables Northwest Translations to provide clients with a multi-step quality assurance process, ensuring high quality, accurate translations, as if they were originally developed in the target language.

Notarized Translations

We provide notarized translations upon request.

Certified Translations

A Certificate of Translation will be provided upon completion of the project at no charge. This Certificate includes the name of the document and the language for FDA submission or any other legal purpose.

Summary/Draft Translations

Summary/Draft translations provide our clients with an overview of large documents at a lower cost.